Foodie Travels: “The Vault” in Tulsa, Oklahoma 

Much of downtown Tulsa is closed on Sunday, so not wanting to leave town without a culinary experience I searched for a foodie spot for my Monday lunch before I ventured to the airport, which led me to “The Vault“.

Hidden inside a parking structure (only a block from my hotel) this charming speakeasy has a “mad men” feel – from decore to glassware to the servers dress…. 

They have a brilliant $7 lunch menu, (available weekdays from 11-4)… Of which I selected two…. Landing myself the #6 (grilled cheese) and the #7 (side of Mac with a jack and lemonade) 

These are thoughtfully crafted dishes. The grilled cheese (with Provelone and cheddar) is on sourdough from a local bakery and has red onion, green apple and basil – paired with peppery chips… 

The Mac and Jack is equally impressive. The house made lemonade is mixed with a shot of Jack Daniels (no pre-mixed drinks here) and the pimento Mac is among the best I’ve ever had, topped with shaved Parmesan complementing that unmistakeable tang of pimento cheese. 

From ambiance to presentation to service, “The Vault” does not disappoint, and should be on the must visit list for foodies passing though the Tulsa area! 


Group Project: Around the world travel blog

For this project, each group will be planning a 30-45 day trip around the world. While students have great flexibility in this trip, they must include the following criteria:

  • No fewer than 4 regions of the United States from the map below must be visited.

Regions devided

  • No fewer than 4 countries outside of the United States must be visited.
  • No fewer than 3 of the 4 countries outside of the USA must have a national language other than English
  • No fewer than 3 continents must be visited
  • Each day needs to be accounted for – travel days included.
  • All costs including transportation, lodging and food must be calculated.
  • A discussion of the UNIQUE CULTURE you find in each region will be detailed in your final project, including but not limited to:
    • race, ethnicity, traditions and customs, food, religion, symbols, laws, rules, norms and shared beliefs.
  • You must include a record of entry requirements (passports, visas, etc) into each country and ensure your group would be allowed to visit, and for how long. Make note of the process of requesting these items and the timeline to receive them.
  • A travel blog will be completed for each group.