The Athlete’s Plate: Ham and Neufchatel Omelet


Eggs dishes, especially omelets, are one of my favorite breakfasts, for both their nutritional value and taste. Creativity in the fillings and sides dishes not only add to taste but to the performance impact of the meal as well.

Today I enjoyed a ham and cheese omelet with fresh fruit.

I whisked together one whole extra-large egg with two additional egg whites, adding some Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy seasoning (which has tons of flavor with no added sodium). – 116 calories


A large pan, preheated on medium heat allows the egg to spread and cook through quickly.

Two oz. of Boars Head Tavern ham, diced, is added immediately – 60 calories – along with One oz. Neufchatel Cheese (low fat cream cheese) – 40 calories – which not only gives great flavor and added protein, but adds an amazing creaminess to the omelet, giving it a pleasurable  mouthfeel.


Folded quickly and plated with freshly diced tomatoes and red onion – 11 calories – and pared with one cup of watermelon – 45 calories –  this protein packed, flavor bursting breakfast has 272 total calories with 27 grams of protein, 18 grams of carbs, and 9 grams of fat. In addition, the watermelon aids in hydration, a bonus to athletes – as well as anyone focusing on their daily water consumption!