Mean Girls the Musical

This show was one of my most anticipated of the spring, and the line outside hoping for cancellations at this SOLD OUT show during previews proved it was not just me!

There was a decent line at the merchandise counter, but where else can you get a hat that says FETCH on it…. 

It took me a minute to visually adjust to the leads, the performances in the film are SO iconic, I had to adjust, however….  in writing the book, Tina Fey did a brilliant job of keeping the cult loved mainstays of the movie (the burn book, the slow roll of the car after the art show, the unique characterizations of each of “the plastics”) while updating it with both contemporary language and technology. It is easy to forget that when this movie came out… Instagram and twitter did not exist! 

There are a few well placed political jabs that the audience responded to well… and Kerry Butlers (who takes the roll of Ms. Norbury, originally played by Ms. Fey) delivers them just as we imagine she should… without doing a Tina Fey impression. 

For me, the standout was KYLE SELIG who played the important role of Aaron Samuels. He took a favorite character from the film and made you love him even more. You might know SELIG from his work at Elder Prince in THE BOOK OF MORMON – but this performance highlighted his talent in a fresh new way! 


The branding from this show went all the way to the restrooms, where everyone who entered was reminded that “You’re like, really pretty”…. 

If you are a fan of the film, or Broadway, or Tina Fay, or just having a good time… you will want to make your way to MEAN GIRLS, it is a hot ticket now, but I suspect it might be even harder to get after the TONYS are handed out. 

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