Group Project: Peaceful Protest March

After the lecture on Civil Rights and Liberties, as well as an extensive discussion on the Jim Crow laws leading up to the Civil Rights Movement, students will take place in a 54 mile march around the UCF campus.

Why 54 miles? Because this was the distance between Selma and Montgomery, Alabama that thousands marched in 1965 under the leadership of Martin Luther King, Jr.

As it happens, the main road around UCF is 3 miles long – this means 18 laps is 54 miles. Students have from 5AM to 6PM to complete the first 51 – and then the whole class will march the final three together.

Students are divided into teams, and one person from each team must be moving at all times. The 51 miles can be completed keeping an average pace of 13 minute miles.

Understanding the need for teaching individuals to fight for causes outside of their own interest (explained in the lecture notes above) students may recruit outside help to complete their miles. They also may help other teams finish.

This is a difficult task requiring planning, community effort, and sacrifice. A fitting way begin to build empathy for the marginalized.

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