Student project to accompany “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman

The following project is designed to help students explore their “love languages” and should be completed after reading The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

After completion of all five projects, the students will analyze what their primary and secondary love languages are; both in showing and seeing love.

5 love languages

Individual project: Five Love Languages Assignments:


The following assignments may be completed for one person, or you may select a different person for each one.

For each one you may not tell the receiver that this is being completed for an assignment. You should keep detailed records of your entire process from planning, to execution, to reaction for your final paper.


Words of Affirmation

Send a greeting card IN THE MAIL to someone for no specific reason (cannot be for a birthday, anniversary, etc.) telling them what they mean to you and why.

You may buy a card or make one. You need to add a personal letter in the card. 

Record their reaction on receiving it and your feelings about what you said. Do you think there is a different reaction to the card being mailed? If it was bought or made? Was the reaction what you expected?



Acts of Service 

Make a “coupon book” for someone with 8-10 acts of service.

These “acts of service” must correspond with the conditions in the book. 

This should be handmade (think of the ones you made in grade school for mothers or father’s day) and not purchased. 

Give it to them, record their reaction to receiving it, and your feelings about making it. Was it what you expected? Why did you select this person?


Quality Time –

Spend at least three hours doing something that qualifies as quality time according to the “Five Love Languages”.

Document their reaction and your feelings before, during, and after the activity.


Physical Touch –

Hug five different people.

You must initiate the hug.

At least one must be a stranger.

No more than one can be immediate family.

Record their responses and your feelings before during and after the hug.


Gifts –

Give someone a gift that you FIND OR MAKE… YOU MAY NOT SPEND ANY MONEY…

The give cannot be for a specific occasion (graduation, birthday, etc.).

Record their reaction to getting it and your thought process about the process of selecting and giving it.


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