Cultural application project for Nonverbal communication: The Real Housewives

Group Project: The Real Housewives of “______________”


You will be divided into groups and will be writing a script surrounding a specific culture you choose.

Throughout the term you will research this cultures traditions, norms and rules surrounding the core elements of nonverbal communication:

  • Physical Appearance
  • Gestures and movement
  • Face and Eye Behavior
  • Vocalics
  • Space and environment
  • Touch
  • Time Orientations

Using the lecture material as the basis for your own research you must CLEARLY portray each of these areas in your completed script.

During online modules you will progressively turn in your research on each area.

After an  opportunity to do a final run through of your script in class you will turn in the final draft, which will include your references back to your research which was used as a basis for the script.

On the final night of class you will be presenting your skits to the class. This should be done without notes – and the seven areas of nonverbal communication should be recognizable to the class without you breaking your character to explain them.

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