Brushing the dust off an old bandwagon: Why I bought Orlando City Soccer 2015 Season Tickets

Is there a person alive in that does not know that the 2014 FIFA World Cup is happening now? As Americans hang on to the hope of a victory over or draw with Germany this Thursday, person after person seems to be jumping on the Futbol Bandwagon.


FIFA Fever in Downtown Orlando - Photo by Joe Petro - from the OCS Facebook page

FIFA Fever in Downtown Orlando – Photo by Joe Petro – from the OCS Facebook page

This is great news for Orlando City Soccer – who is doing pre-sales of season tickets for their inaugural year as a Major League Soccer team. The tickets for the yet to be announced 2015 schedule are being sold at a discounted rate through July 15th.

While the 2015 season will be played at the newly refurbished Citrus Bowl, season ticket holders will have priority renew status for the 2016 season at the brand new 18,000+ seat stadium which will be located downtown Orlando, one block from the Amway Center.

Ticket plans for the 20 game season range from $320 for general admission seating, to $1500 for club level – and all packages can be paid for on a 9 month installment for a small fee. This means that the paid-in-full price for an entry-level seat is only $16 a game, and on the payment plan, $17.50 a game.

For less than the price of an IMAX 3-D movie, you can lock in 20 evenings of history making, awe-inspiring entertainment.

So on the bandwagon I jump. This, however, is not a new ride for me. Although I am a card-carrying, red-blooded, fanatical Midwestern bred football fan – I went to high school where we only had soccer. My first boyfriend was a soccer player, and I was a cheerleader for the sport (yes, we had cheerleaders for soccer). There are many memories for me in this game, and I am excited to breath new air on this fire that once burned brightly for me.

I went with the general admission ticket – mostly because I am hoping to get others to go, and the lack of reserved seating is a selling point. However, being familiar with the student section at UCF Knight home games…. I know that this is where the real party will be anyway.

The representative from Orlando City Soccer who helped me with my plan was Marcelo, who can be reached directly at 407-480-4710. What are you waiting for? Hope to see you at the newest party in O-Town as Orlando City paints the town purple.


Club Crest from the Orlando City Soccer Club Facebook Page

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