Kitchen remix: pizza and leftovers mashup



The story is not a new one… home working, rainy day, the teenager is hungry, time is precious.

These are moments I try to be prepared for. Having some quick healthy foods in the fridge or freezer is a must, and leftovers are always lingering – but sometimes an impromptu mashup  is in order.

Enter the Palermo’s Primo Thin Ultra Thin Crust Margherita Pizza. I love flatbread pizzas, but do not always have the time to put them together – or all of the ingredients on hand. This simple pie with tomatoes, garlic, basil and light cheese easily serves three with only 290 calories per serving. I admit, it isn’t very exciting, but it makes for a great base. (I should note that these pizzas come in many great flavors as well, my favorite being the spinach, bacon and feta!)


As my oven is heating to 450 I look to see what leftovers are in the fridge:  cherry peppers, red onions, cantaloupe, half a heart of romaine, some feta cheese, two boneless skinless chicken thighs, and orange bell pepper.

By the time I chop the peppers, romaine, and chicken… the oven is hot. Taking the plain pizza from the freezer I add my new toppings and pop it right on the rack. This is important – the moisture from the fresh veggies can make the crust softer – putting the fully frozen pizza in a pre-heated oven without a baking stone will ensure it still has some crispness to it. Some fresh cracked pepper and some Mrs. Dash Italian Medley adds great flavor with no additional sodium.


While the pizza is cooking (10 minutes) I make a simple salad from the romaine and onions, with just a little Italian dressing. I sprinkle the feta over the fruit and lettuce, as it pairs well with both, and fix myself an iced coffee. in less than 25 minutes from when I got up from my desk I am at my table with this beautiful plate in front of me.

A nice break from food boredom on a rainy Florida afternoon.




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