Ten Commandments For The Runner

I ran across this article and it really resonated with me… some of the commandments made me laugh, some of them made me reflect – but all of them had meaning. For me the most poignant is #2 – “Thou shall not say I am not a runner – If you run, you are a runner”. I remember the day when I made this mental shift from I run, to I am a runner – and I LOVE seeing that change in people around me as they explore this journey. Which one means the most to you?

Ten Commandments For The Runner.

2 thoughts on “Ten Commandments For The Runner

  1. I really like #1. There will always be people who are faster and people who are slower, but everyone is out there working their hardest. #5 is so important too – sometimes a little rest and ice do a lot of good. A few days off is much better than a few months off.

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