Saturday Suprise: Discovering the Capital City Half Marathon

As “double weekends” become more and more popular in the running community, there is often one race that gets more of the attention than the other. These weekends are planned to maximize travel time, and reach goals such as 50 states. The weekend of my Ohio double of Capital City in Columbus and Flying Pig in Cincinnati, I had more of a focus on Flying Pig. However, as often happens, it is the one with less anticipation that ends up being the favorite.

Coming into Cincinnati, I had already been to the Flying Pig expo. I checked into my room at the Renaissance Hotel before heading to my second expo of the day. When I arrived in the room to put my things away I discovered there was only a walk in shower. My epsom salt baths are a crucial part of my recovery routine, luckily, the staff at the hotel graciously moved me to another lovely room with a tub… this will now go on my “preferences” list for all future reservations!

I made my way to the expo, just a few blocks down the street. It was small, but easy to get around, a welcome break after the chaos of the flying pig set-up. I was pleasantly surprised by the under armor race shirts. A great design, material, and quality. The picture below is of the two shirts for my weekend side-by-side… this one was actually my favorite!


On the recommendation of the Hotel Staff I ate dinner at Due Amici and was not disappointed! The service and ambiance were great – and the pasta was perfectly cooked.

Race morning came and the weather was perfect. An easy walk to the start line and the energy in the air was magnetic. Crowds were gathered to watch the 11th annual race take off… Craig Leon, Ohio Native and Elite Runner, was there to encourage runners at the start line. He referred to the chilly air as the “weather of champions” – 1:09:55 later Leon would win the half marathon. The crowd was pumped up with an OHIO chant from special guests SWAGG and FBA


The race ran through the streets of Columbus and around the Ohio State Campus. Great crowd support and organized entertainment made the miles pass quickly.  One of my favorite highlights of the course however was the time in the Historic German Village, an area settled by immigrants in the early 1800’s and is now recognized as a model of urban neighborhood preservation. I love races that make me want to learn more about one city I spent time in – this was one of those times. The finishers medal was simple, classic, and high quality. Of the 93 half-marathons I have run, it stands out as one of my favorites. The finish line festival was great – with live performances by SWAGG kept the energy alive even as the last runners came in. I would recommend this race to anyone looking for a companion for Flying Pig in 2015 – or all on its own!

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10 thoughts on “Saturday Suprise: Discovering the Capital City Half Marathon

  1. I’m not sure that I’ll ever want to run two halves in one weekend, but next time I decide not to run the Pig I think I’m going to have to run this race. Love the race shirt!

  2. If you want to do something really crazy, do the Cap City, Flying Pig, and hit the Cleveland Marathon/Half the following weekend! 3 in 8 days!

  3. This was my second year running the quarter marathon in Columbus– it’s definitely one of my favorite races!! Last year, I ran it the weekend after running the Nike Women’s Half in DC and thought the expo and finish-line-party were better than at NWM (Nike didn’t have a party at the end, which was shocking to me!)

    • I did Nike Last year too! While I love the energy of DC and of course the Tiffany necklace, the race experience itself, both the expo and the finish, felt rushed to me. The more I run the more I like the “little big” races… discovering cities and places I might never go to otherwise if not for the race… thanks for reading! hope to see you on the road soon!

  4. Thank you for sharing. This was my first half marathon ever. I must admit that coming off Lane Ave onto High street facing the winds I thought to myself “what am I doing? I can’t do this”! Then I thought to myself I have to get back one way or the other and the crowds were amazing. I made it in under the time that I was hoping for. For my first time half, being a runner of less than 18 months at 56 years old. I had a blast. Cap City is amazing. I am signing up again for next year. Oh, and I just signed up for Emerald City half in August.

    • Congrats! There is no feeling like that finish line feeling 🙂 I’ll run my 100th half in July, and there is a second or two of doubt in each one… But it will unfold your journey in a new and exciting way!

      • Thank you Michelle! Your article is just more proof of the tightness of the running community. There is nothing like it! Hugs..

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