Runners in the mist: 13.1 miles at the Melbourne Music Marathon

In this world of simplistic photo manipulation… There may be the need to add #nofilter to the above photograph. These were the conditions through much of the race at the Melbourne Music Marathon.  
The heat this weekend was nothing to take lightly, as runners of every caliber struggled with hydration issues. Thankfully the organizers at this race had ample water along the course with stops almost every mile. 
One of the hallmarks of this race are the beautiful views from the bridges, however due to the fog, the view was obstructed, luckily the many bands and wonderful musically inspired running quotes lining the track provided entertainment along the course. 
There was a strong showing from the Half Fanatics and Marathon Maniacs at this race, which always provides and extra boost of encouragement throughout the race! 
If there were awards for sweetest and saltiest stops along a race course, the Melbourne Music Marathon might win both of them… sweetest for the official HARIBO Gummy Bear station… and saltiest for the Pucker Up Pickle Juice Stop!
I am not a huge fan of the bottle opener race medal trend, but this one was done with class and style. 
A short walk from the finish line was the post-race festival, with water, pizza, muscle milk, beer, and a dunkin-donuts station. It was a family friendly and welcoming event on this hot Florida “winter” day. 

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