Of fog and fellowship: Running 13.1 miles at the BEST DAMN RACE

It is this sunrise  that beacons runners to the west coast of Florida… that perfect glow over the calm waters behind a cascade of swaying palms… the serene beauty which provides the backdrop for a southern winter race.

Runners gathered anxiously in the sleepy streets of Safety Harbor, FL for the self titled “Best Damn Race”. The signature of this brand is that the entry fee is tiered starting at $1 for for the first 10 registrants, going to $5, $10, $15, $35, $55, and finally $65. They offer a 5K, 10K, 5+10K Challenge, and Half-Marathon at this event. The races are very family friendly and there is bonus bling for challenge participants. For many Floridians, a big draw for this event is the race day bib pick-up option. 

Much of this race was run in the streets of this small town, but they were well marked and supported. This being an exceptionally warm winter, the humidity provided an extra challenge.

This was my first year running in Saftey Harbor, however runners from the first year remarked that the race medal was upgraded significantly this year. 

As I pulled away the humidity and fog were diminishing visibility, with another coastal race in the morning, I was doubtful that the weather was going to improve. These are the challenges of Florida running, but with a nation covered in snow, sympathy for extreme heat is hard to uncover! 

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