Healing the Body: Thai Massage

There was a time when getting a massage was a part of pampering, an afternoon of luxury and an escape from reality. 

Not for a runner.

Massage is an essential part of a training plan. Not only will it help runners reach a higher level of performance, but will also assist in avoiding injury. 

There are many types of massage, both deep-tissue and sports massage are popular among athletes. Lately however, I have been exploring an alternative therapy: 
Thai Massage. 

Developed in Thailand, this practice combines massage and assisted stretching. It is preformed on large mat on the floor, with both the client and therapist dressed comfortably. 

If you read about the history and practice of Thai massage, it is often referred to assisted yoga. The moving and manipulation of the body is all preformed by the therapist. You may experience that the hardest task the client needs to complete during the hour is trying to relax and let the therapist work.

I received my first Thai Massage, and every one since, at The Studio Spa and Garden of Healing. This is where I go for all of my massage and facial treatments. 

There were moments during my first session that I questioned what exactly I had gotten myself into. Lying down on my back with the therapists feet working my hamstrings while his hands massaged the arch of my foot was mentally awkward – however, when I felt my hip flexors relax and my IT Band ease…. my mind got on-board with the movements. 

We spend a lot of money on race registrations, travel, and accommodations. Much of this is pre-paid, non-refundable, and paid month in advance. One injury can ruin these plans, and derail a training program completely. Making an investment in the health and maintenance of your body can keep you on track.

Many people who understand this concept and agree with the need for massage, end up jumping from therapist to therapist to get good deals. In this day of Groupon and Living Social Vouchers, it is tempting. I admit, it was Groupon that originally brought me to the Studio Spa, but it was the staff that made me a loyal client.

If you are looking for a new restaurant or experience – jumping around is fine, and even fun. When it comes to your body, your skin and muscles and bones and health – it is essential that you develop a relationship with your therapist. After multiple visits, they know what your body feels like, what is normal, and how to give you the best possible treatment. 

Recognizing the temptation to move around, and rooted in a core belief that Spa Services should be accessible to the average person, The Studio Spa has many methods of offering affordable services to their clientele. Their Facebook Followers and Email recipients are offered Daily Specials. These specials do not need to be used the day they are offered, but can be banked for future use. Spa memberships for even greater discounts are also available.

It is true. You can stretch yourself. You can get a foam roller try and smooth out those aches and loosen up your joints. It hurts, it is hard to do effectively, and ultimately  many of us do not do it the way we should. That is why I love my moments of Zen in the hands of my therapist, I know that this is a part of my running journey I cannot afford to compromise.

If you get massage, I encourage you to try Thai Massage. If you are in the Orlando area, The Studio Spa and Garden of Healing (1245 Michigan Ave, Winter Park – 407-332-4772) is the place to go…. you will not be disappointed. 

2 thoughts on “Healing the Body: Thai Massage

  1. It's true that a massage is more than just a luxury. In fact, more than pampering, massage has become a necessity for wellness. Athletes or not, it’s important we get some time off to stretch and relax our tense muscles to de-stress and improve for the sake of our physical and mental health. Wilfred Greer @ Kiva Spa

  2. If you're working hard every day and enduring the stresses of daily life, you definitely deserve a massage. It’s not really a luxury when you’re after the overall wellness of your being. But athletes need it more, as they are the ones who have to endure strenuous activities for the game. Mary @ Main Street Massage

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