Welcome to my journey.

The Scholar. 

Dedicated to the study of Human Communication, I research and teach the science of building and maintaining successful relationships: personally, professionally and socially.

In 2013 I began the #postthepositive movement at the University of Central Florida, with the mission of encouraging students to consciously focus on the positive, and to share that message with others. Since then, the movement has grown and achieved a nationwide reach.

In 2017 I continued my professional speaking career, signing on with the Institute for Government. Professional presentations include topics such as: Diversity and Inclusion, Gender Issues, Ethical Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management, Listening, and Time Management. 

The Athlete.

In my 30’s I fell in love with running and discovered the athlete that lives in me. In the winter of 2017 I ran my 200th half marathon, and have completed 25 full marathons including all of the world marathon majors. 

I have had many mentors through my development, and have been honored to mentor many others. I have a special passion for watching young women discover their inner athlete – and the empowerment that this connection brings them.

The Explorer.

Each day I strive to reach beyond my grasp. Discovering myself through explorations of food, thought, travel and relationships. This exploration increases self-awareness, and enhances my ability to teach as I bring these experiences into the classroom. At the end of my explorations…. I hope to have lived a complete life. One of meaning, one of value, one that touches those that walk the path behind me. The totality of my journey, the balance of my life, this is what makes it one sweet run.

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